How to open APYHARVEST account?

Simple, by filling and submitting the form on page get started.

We have lots of new registrations each day, and it is raising, so expect first reply from personal crypto banker in around 12h or less from moment you submit get started form.

What is personal crypto banker?

It is REAL person, dedicated to you and hundred more users like you. From moment you open account your personal crypto banker will answer and proceed all your APYHARVEST account requests and questions.

Can I access personal crypto banker services if I am not registered?

No. They are available ONLY for registered  APYHARVEST account holders.

How many personal crypto bankers works at APYHARVEST?

At the time we write this text, we have 100+ personal crypto bankers working for us. That number raise now weekly, and we are constantly hiring, so that amount of them be more than enough to handle ANY user request in less than 12h. Their job is communicative and they are link between account holders and treasury department, which deals with deposits, withdrawals and confirmations.

Where can I login to access my dashboard?

There is NO dashboard, and NO login. There is no platform open to members, by that move we removed security risk of possibility to hack our platform. This is the ONLY 100% sure way to claim that our “platform’ CANNOT BE HACKED. All crypto banking services with APYHARVEST, you do with your personal crypto banker.

How can i manage my account?

You can make all changes to your APYHARVEST account with your personal crypto banker.

Why do I need to complete KYC?

“Know Your Customer” , or KYC refers to the steps taken by a financial institution (or business) to establish the identity of the customer and assess money laundering risks associated with that customer for purposes of monitoring the customer’s activities.

APYHARVEST takes AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance program very seriously.

There are 3 types of KYC that APYHARVEST require for their members based on activity : simple,basic and advanced. Simple is for transactions bellow 15000 GBP, and require small amount of data. Basic is simple + CIP (Customer Identification Program) and requires only scan copy of national ID card along with some basic personal data. It is aimed for members holding less than 5 BTC in total assets on their APYHARVEST wallets which performs transactions higher than 15000 GBP. It is done only once. You can ask at any time your personal crypto banker what are the requirements for advanced KYC, since those vary from case to case and it can include CDD (Basic Customer Due Diligance) or even EDD (Enhanced Due Diligence) in some cases.  

How long does KYC and account verification take? When i can make my first deposit?

In most cases, since you are already in communication process with your personal crypto banker, you got approved in minutes. We will never let any new account application to remain pending more than 12h from moment you submit your data.

You can make your first deposit and start earning or borrowing crypto from the moment you get email that your account is approved.

Can I open sub-accounts for my close family under my account?

Yes. And we encourage you and every satisfied member of APYHARVEST. Opening family close accounts is more easy than opening your main account, since they do not need to do any KYC since you already done it for you. Maximum total family members you can add is 7 (which will cover default example of wife or husband,brother,sister,mother,father and two kids, or any combination of above) By adding close family members to APYHARVEST, from moment you start adding funds on their accounts,  you will earn up to 10% more APY % on your total family holdings additional to Tier bonuses.


How can I deposit coins to my APYHARVEST account?

It is easy – just contact your personal crypto banker and write anywhere in subject word “deposit”, and provide type of coin you want to deposit and amount in your message body . Personal crypto banker will send you crypto address where to send coins, and will also be there all the way to confirm transaction.

What is the minimum amount that i can deposit on my account?

There is no minimum amount for deposit, we make it this way so that we can even accept in some cases very small crypto mining rewards.

How can i withdraw my coins from APYHARVEST ?

It is easy – just contact your personal crypto banker and write anywhere in subject word “withdraw”, and provide type of coin you want to withdraw, your withdrawal address and amount in your message body . Personal crypto banker will send you transaction details when withdrawal is done. Be sure to have both pass phrases ready when asked.

How long should I wait for my withdrawal request to be processed?

We process ALL withdrawals in less than 12h. In most of times within 3h from member request.

Is there a limit for daily deposits or withdrawals to or from my account?

There is no limit for daily deposits or withdrawals.

Do you have deposit/withdrawal processing fee?

APYHARVEST will cover all withdrawal transaction (network) fees for amounts equal or above 300 USDC. Due to significant raise of network fees, start from 17.03.2021. APYHARVEST will cover all deposit transaction(network) fees for amounts equal or above 300 USDC – unless those fees are already covered from other services from where they originated.

Can I cancel withdrawal after sending details to my personal crypto banker?

Yes, unless your personal crypto banker did not sent you transaction details already. First reply from he/she will be that you confirm all withdrawal details. At that point you can ask him/her to cancel withdrawal or you can just confirm it as planned.

What is the minimum and maximum amount that i can withdraw in one transaction?

There is no minimum or maximum amount for withdrawal. If you think those are needed, you can set it together with your personal crypto banker.


How is interest paid?

Interest is paid directly into your APYHARVEST wallet, every day, not at exact time. You will receive transaction notification on your email, which will include small statement with your current holdings and new transactions from last statement.

Can I earn higher interest rate if i hold USDC?

Yes, if you hold 5000 USDC or more for period of 30 days or more , you automatically jump from Tier 1 to Tier 2 and start earning more. To advance from Tier 2 to Tier 3 you need to hold 25000 USDC for period of 90 days and longer, that way you will earn even more. Check all details with your personal crypto banker.

Does interest compound?

Yes. Interest is compounded and paid out daily on all coins you hold.

Can I change in which coin I want to receive my daily compounding interest earnings?

Yes. At any point you can request from your personal crypto banker to switch your earnings to specific coin. It will be affected from your next day interest earn. Any coin combination is possible, ask your personal crypto banker for more details.

How is my interest earning calculated?

The rates we advertise to our members are annual crypto interest rates. For each coin that we accept, there is APY %.  APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield.

You can plan and check your future earning with us by using this simple formula:

Number of coins * (1 + (Interest rate / 365 days)) ^ 365 days

Example 1:  Deposit balance 3 BTC

3 BTC * (1+0.0721/365)^365 = 3.224265 BTC

That is 0.224265 BTC earned per year in compounded interest

Example 2:  Deposit balance 10 ETH

10 ETH * (1+0.0768/365)^365 = 10.79817 ETH

That is 0.79817 earned per year in compounded interest

Example 3:  Deposit balance 25000 USDC

25000 USDC * (1+0.1687/365)^365 = 29592.97 USDC

That is 4592.97 USDC earned per year in compounded interest

I do not want to get email with statements every day - can I change that?

Yes. Just tell your personal crypto banker that you want to switch to weekly or monthly statements, and pick any day in week when you want to receive them. You can also request promptly, out of schedule email statement – just send request to your personal crypto banker and expect reply with statement in 12h or less.

I see that rate(s) for coin(s) i hold in my APYHARVEST interest account changed, and they are higher(or lower) than before. Will that affect my interest earnings?

Our rates often change since they are based on market demand. If institutions or members make higher borrowing demand for specific coin, we will raise rate for that coin. On opposite side if borrowing demand for specific coin is getting low, we will reduce the rate for that specific coin.

In case when rate for specific coin is UP, you will get daily higher interest rewards as per new APY% .

In case when rate for specific coin is DOWN, you will get daily lower interest rewards as per new APY% .

Notice that we will NEVER change rate for any coin before we notify ALL current holders of that specific coin that we plan to raise/reduce rate for it. And we will send those notification emails 48h prior to changes take affect. That way if needed, you can react by contacting your personal crypto banker and consult what action is best for you – we always suggest that you temporary exchange affected coin to stablecoin of your preference, since we do not change their rates so often.

Currently i hold on my APYHARVEST interest account ETH, DASH and some XRP. Can I convert all of them to USDT? If I can, what would be the fee and how long will it take?

Yes, you can convert (exchange) all your crypto coins from your APYHARVEST interest account to one or more coins from list of coins we support.

Exchange rate would be offered to you from your personal crypto banker, we do not take any fee on top of that rate and we try to keep it in zero difference from current exchange rate on major crypto exchanges.

When you get exchange rate from your personal crypto banker, you will have 1 hour to confirm it and after that the exchange will be processed and you will get confirmation email.

How do you keep your interest so high? Is this PONZI scheme?

We protect your assets by lending them to institutions and our private members on high collateral basis only, and it is the way our crypto backed loans works. Combining our personal assets, member assets and institutional collateral assets we keep ratio of 5x and more coins that we hold with our custodian partners against coins that we loan to institutional entities and our members. That way we are able to daily control amount of coins we can accept on members interest accounts, in a way that they do not affect all members interest rates. It is based on supply and demand, and our main profit is from lending APYHARVEST and members assets to institutional entities. We share 75% of that profit with our members via their high interest earning rates. Additional share of our profit goes to our members via solid sum of daily payments for their referrals. Our rates are high, up to APY 20% at some periods for specific coins, but not comparable to 500% and more yearly that Bitconnect and other ponzi offered at their time. We hope that everybody learn big lesson from those times and by know know how to recognize good and solid crypto project when they see one. We are highly regulated company under UK laws with regulatory compliance @ anti-money laundering (AML) controls.

I am crypto miner. Can I forward my mining rewards to my account and earn interest?

YES! Just register, and notify your personal crypto banker that you are crypto miner. You will get all instructions there. Basically, if you mine coin that we support, you forward all your mining rewards to your APYHARVEST mining deposit address, and you start earning interest on those amounts from day 1. Like all interest accounts with us, your interest is compounded daily and pay out daily.


How can I apply for loan at APYHARVEST?

If you still do not have one, go and register account with APYHARVEST on this link, and select option in form “Get crypto loan approved same day”. Your personal crypto banker will contact you with details in less than 12h. If you already have account with us, just send email to your personal crypto banker and mention “BORROW CRYPTO” anywhere in message subject. You will be contacted same day. We offer ONLY crypto collaterized loans.

What are the interest rates for APYHARVEST crypto loans?

Our crypto loan rates start at 0.5% (APR) and they depend on Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio. They go from 0.5% APR for LTV 20% to 8% APR for LTV 67%. Check more details on our borrow crypto page.

What Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratio I can get on my crypto holdings at APYHARVEST?

Depending on coin(s) you hold on your APYHARVEST wallet(s) you can get LTV from 20% to 67% . Check more details on our borrow crypto page, or by asking directly your personal crypto banker.

Can I take loan in one coin and send collateral in other coin?

Yes. You make any combination from coins we support. You can even setup with your personal crypto banker option that you put 2 or more different coins as collateral, in predefined ratio,  as long as those specific coins have same supported LTV% ratio. For example, you can make 30% of your collateral in ETH, 40% in BTC and 10% in DAI, to take loan in USDT.

How long does it take for my loan to get approved?

We tend to process application of all loans in less than one hour from moment we confirm all loan details with our members. Since all loans are fully backed by collateral, there are no credit checks and all loan applications are pre-approved.

What are the term lenghts for crypto loans with APYHARVEST?

Term lengths are: 90 days, 180 days, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 and 20 years.

How can I close my loan before term ends?

Just ask your personal crypto banker for instructions, and you can do it same day.

What type of coins you accept for collateral?

For collateral, we accept all coins that are stated on our borrow crypto page.

Can I have more than one loan active?

You can have as many loans you need, as long as you can provide collateral for all of them. There is no limit in amount of loans.

Where I can see details about my loan(s)?

All details for your loan(s) are displayed in your daily email statement. You can setup with your personal crypto banker that loan details be displayed weekly or monthly, and not every days along with your interest account.

When do you trigger margin call, and what should i do in that case?

Our maintenance margin is 75% LTV. In the event of a margin call, you will have to add more collateral to your account to maintain a healthy LTV ratio. The first margin call occurs at a 75% LTV. At this point, you have 24 hours to take action by sending additional collateral or paying down the loan balance. Your personal crypto banker will keep you informed if your LTV comes near the 75% mark so you can take action promptly. If your LTV reaches the 80% mark, APYHARVEST will automatically sell a portion of your crypto collateral to bring your LTV back to a 75% LTV.


Why would I start to make my savings in crypto?

In relatively short period of 10 years and counting, Bitcoin made already many millionaires from those who HODL. And that is without any interests in early days, just by raising the price during this period. We are one of them. And we, along with more and more experts in financial fields, can with certainty predict that Bitcoin price will continue growth. Comparing to fiat money, Bitcoin is limited supply. You make your financial plan for 5,10 or 20 years, define your goals, and start earning in crypto. If you think Bitcoin is still risky, we offer 2nd solution, in USDC, which is stablecoin, so that you can compare it to your normal bank saving. In our opinion crypto savings have much more advantages than normal bank fiat savings.

What are the advantages when I start crypto savings with APYHARVEST?

First, it is freedom to your crypto assets – nothing is locked, you can withdraw part or all of your savings if you have urgent need for them – it will be processed in less than 12h.

Second, our APY% are from 5.75% to 7.21% for BTC and from 11.94% to 14.96% for USDC. That is 100x and more earning comparing to fiat banks.

Third, there are no penalties or fees, you just start saving and see how your crypto grow year by year.

If you stick with our plans, you can get even more earnings, in every 180 days cycle – check more details with your personal crypto banker or at our save crypto page.

Is my crypto savings account separate from my interest account?

Yes, it is booked separately, and you get different kind of statement for it.

Can i move my crypto from interest to my savings account and back?

Yes. You have complete freedom of your assets. You just need to initiate transfer from account to account with your personal crypto banker.

Can i save my crypto in different coins than only in BTC and USDC?

At this time no. We offer crypto savings account only in Bitcoin and USD Coin.

I like your crypto retirement R3C plan and I also like your crypto child education C3C18 plan. Can I have both?

Yes. You can have one, or two or all three of our savings plans at the same time. You just organize them all in separate accounts with your personal crypto banker.

I show my wife APYHARVEST crypto joint plans, and she like very much the one named J2C. How can we start - what is the procedure?

In order to start, you first open one account with APYHARVEST on this link. Then when you are successfully registered, you just present your wish to start J2C plan to your personal crypto banker, and he will give you instructions how to proceed.

Can I start saving crypto in name of my 2 years old daughter? Can I register her too?

APYHARVEST crypto savings accounts are for YOU and for your wife if you want to do it in joint account.

For your 2 years old daughter, we suggest that you open her account under your family slots. Each APYHARVEST member can open up to 7 close family member accounts. And then you just start normal APYHARVEST interest account on her name.


How do refferal codes works?

You will get your referral code after you register on APYHARVEST. When someone use your referral code in our registration form, and deposit 300 USDC or more in any crypto currency, you will both receive 30 USDC upon initial deposit.

On top of that, you earn 1% from all deposits from your referee in first 60 days. There is no limit for number of persons you refer.
Referral rewards will be locked for 60 days, and it will be unlocked if funds are not withdrawn from account in that period. If the funds are withdrawn from account in that initial 60 days period, rewards will be canceled. Referral rewards are paid in USDC. Only registered APYHARVEST users can get and share their referral codes. You do not need to make first deposit to start referring friends.

Do I get some bonus when i deposit first time?

Yes. You will get following bonuses in USDC for your initial first time deposit on your crypto account in any crypto currency:

25 USDC for 100-499 USDC

50 USDC for 500-999 USDC

100 USDC for 1000-2499 USDC

150 USDC for 2500-4999 USDC

200 USDC for 5000-9999 USDC

250 USDC for 10000-19999 USDC

300 USDC for 20000 USDC and more.

First time deposit bonus will be locked for 60 days , and it will be unlocked if funds are not withdrawn from account in that period. If the funds are withdrawn from account in that initial 60 days period, bonus will be canceled. First time deposit is always paid in USDC.

How can i became affiliate, and what are the advantages ?

If you own high traffic site or big social media presence, you can apply to be registered in our affiliate program via the form on this link.


What if i lose my own personal email - is all my comunications and hodlings lost?

In very rare but possible case that you lose access or completely lose your personal email account connected to APYHARVEST, you must write to us from any other email you hold to our and explain what happen. Be sure that you leave your NEW personal email that you HAVE control now, and your personal crypto banker will contact you in less than 12h to first verify it is you (have prepared at least one passphrase, and to do another round of KYC plus some additional data to be sure). When our support confirm it is really you, you can have backup of all email conversations with your personal crypto banker, and you will get your latest statement with all your recent transactions and holdings. From that moment you can start again using your account in normal way like before.

What if someone steal my phone and gain access to my email?

If someone else gain access to your email, without 2 word passphrasehe or she cannot initiate any transaction with personal crypto banker.

That is why it is recommended that you keep 2 word passphrase outside the device that you use for email connected to APYHARVEST (write it down to paper and keep it somewhere secure)

After 3 failed attempts to authenticate , your account will be locked, and from that moment you can unlock it same way like you lost your email in last question posted here in FAQs. You will need to change your account email, since we do not consider your previous email as safe anymore.

Do you provide any insurance for my APYHARVEST crypto account?

Every APYHARVEST crypto account is insured up to amount of 2 btc per account. We offer higher amounts of insurance for non-disclosed Tier 4 users. This insurance does not cover situations where member personal email is hacked in combination with both passphrases.

How do you keep members crypto assets safe?

We do not offer publicly open platform to our members. We do ALL our business as personal banking. That way we removed 2 main and high potential risks – 1.) we cannot be hacked, 2.) our top executives cannot be compromised to fraud or something worse. On top of that, we provide to both our institutional and private members most secure several MPC layers to our 3 custodian partners and our hardware wallets with various location-based backups. Since 2017 we did not lose any coin, not even fraction, and we plan to continue this way in decades to come. Our private members have also real value crypto insurance in amount of 2 BTC per account. For Institutions and larger holders, we offer even more options. Our personal crypto banker way to do business is more safe than any security system. We will never change our ownership structure and our management will remain undisclosed, due to security reasons.

Do you support Forks, and can they cause security issues?

APYHARVEST is under no obligation to support a Fork of a Crypto Currency that you hold in your account, whether or not any resulting version of such forked Crypto Currency is a dominant Crypto Currency or non-dominant Crypto Currency or holds value at or following such Fork.
If APYHARVEST opts, at its sole discretion, to support a Fork of a Crypto Currency, it will make a public announcement by notifying Customers via email, and will bear no liability for any real or potential losses that may result based on the decision to support such Fork or the timing of implementation of support.

Our personal crypto bankers will notify all users prior any fork that we support. Like they did recently considering Spark Token airdrop, for XRP holders, which we do support. Al XRP holders will get email notification with exact amount of SPARK token they will receive when Flare network goes live (expected  Q1/Q2 2021).

In most cases Hard Forks do not cause security issues to account holders.

What is your main tip for me to keep my account safe?

Main and most important tip is that you keep your both passphrases safe and out of device that you use for accessing to your email connected to APYHARVEST.