About us

APYHARVEST brief history

APYHARVEST started crypto banking services in January 2017, and until July 2020 we were oriented strictly to UK market. More than 80% of our operations were deployed in Northern Ireland, and rest was focused to few parts of England and Wales.

Our own starting capital was close to 4800 BTC and 15000 ETH, both valued total little less than £4M (near $5M). At the time we start, Bitcoin price was around $1000, and ETH was selling for $10.

And we never stop buying BTC. As solid investment company at time, we had bigger amount of fiat in our assets, and we recognize at time huge potential of crypto market. As we saw significant grow of price for both BTC and ETH during first 6 months of 2017, we decided to HODL and to bring some of our hedge fund partners on board. With that capital combined, we managed to buy more crypto and we ended 2017 year with 35000 BTC and around 52000 ETH. And that was AFTER we sold all crypto, we needed to get our ROI back. As we all know, 2017 was year of crypto, and at peak BTC price grow 20x in same year, following much bigger grow for ETH in January 2018 (140x).

All our hedge fund partners, along with 100s of private users that we involved in crypto during 2017, make huge profit and gained additional trust in APYHARVEST. At moment when crypto market started to go down during 2018, we all decided to continue to HODL, and to buy more when market goes deep.

In 2018 we started to offer crypto backed loans to our institutional partners and to some selected users. We did it with caution since market was very volatile. Only BTC and ETH were in offer, with Loan-To-Value ratio (LTV) of 20% and 25%. Interest APR on those institutional borrowings we keep at the time at 10% and above. It was hard to attract new institutions since they saw market downtrend, and we decided to keep what we have as our partners, offer them some better rates, insurance, switch to crypto ONLY, and from institutional earnings share more than 50% of net profit as interests to our private members. We were open for registrations, still only limited to UK. That model was sustainable, especially when we included stablecoins and their stability.  We start to offer better LTV 50% on USDT. We ended 2018 year with 50+ institutional partners and more than 2000 private members.

2019 was overall exceptionally good year for APYHARVEST. We grow our institutional and private members base more than 3x, our combined cryptocurrency assets grow even more. At point when we reached 50K BTC and close to 100K ETH we decided to act more as stable institution, rather than focus on social media platforms. Since our offer was still only presented in UK, we did not want to be presented on globally oriented social media. Even our present view is that it is not something for serious financial institutions. It is completely different when you have your own coin and token, and your focus shift from banking solutions to your own coin price. Then such promotion it is mandatory to fight competition. We do not need crowdfunding since we are strong as we are. We will never change our ownership structure and our management will remain undisclosed, due to security reasons. We do not offer publicly open platform to our members. We do ALL our business as personal banking. That way we removed 2 main and high potential risks – 1.) we cannot be hacked, 2.) our top executives cannot be compromised to fraud or something worse. On top of that, we provide to both our institutional and private members most secure several MPC layers to our 3 custodian partners and our hardware wallets with various location-based backups. Since 2017 we did not lose any coin, not even fraction, and we plan to continue this way in decades to come. Our private members have also real value crypto insurance in amount of 2 BTC per account. For Institutions and larger holders, we offer even more options. Our personal crypto banker way to do business is perfectly accepted by all our members, and in less than few weeks and email statements every member see full advantage.

In 2020 we slowly start to spread our market from UK to world, growing in every aspect possible. We share more than 90% of our profits to our members, and that is in hard in-kind cryptocurrencies we support. We continue to raise in members, assets, and volumes. We grow responsibly, in a way that will never affect quality of our service. We do not plan to launch our own coin in two reasons – first, most important, we plan to stay focused on providing our crypto lending, crypto borrowing and crypto savings services , and second, we do not want to provide different treatment to part of our members, since our hypothetical coin would not be available in certain countries (including US). That would just not be fair in our opinion. We also do not plan to offer crypto ATM cards, since they tend to have high fees, and we do not support fiat at all. We are registered and fiscally present in both England and Northern Ireland, as Harvest Investment. In June we closed our UK based website and started global website Apyharvest.com . We pay our fiat taxes for all our companies on times, and our Pillar III enhanced disclosure for 2019 is a perfect example how steady financial institution we became in time. The Pillar III disclosure requirements from the Basel Accord have been implemented in EU law via Part Eight of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (the CRR). The APYHARVEST Pillar III Disclosure has been prepared in accordance with CRD IV as implemented into UK legislation and in accordance with the APYHARVEST Pillar III Disclosure policy.

Join us and earn more crypto so that you can achieve financial independence in years to come.

Why are we better than fiat banks?

  • We offer up to 100x better APY% interest rates
  • We share more than 90% of our revenue with our users
  • We do not lock your funds for interest terms, and we do not have penalties or fees
  • We do not require any paperwork for crypto loans we provide, you just need collateral
  • Our operating expenses are up to 1000x lower


Why are we better than other crypto lending platforms?

  • We ALWAYS reply in less than 12h
  • We have personal crypto bankers
  • Our Crypto borrowing rates start at 0.5% APR
  • We offer crypto retirement plans with terms of up to 20 years
  • We allow up to 7 close family members under one crypto interest account

…and much more

Some of our numbers, updated two times per month:

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